A Selection Of Recent Photos With Little Or No Theme

It’s been raining and I’ve been unfocused, although I have been doing things! So here is a selection of pictures of nice things that have got done or are getting done.

Julian dug over and/or filled in with topsoil this lovely border along the path to the house, and it is at that point that JulianĀ  generally abdicates gardening responsibility.

Luckily, it is at this point that I begin to kind of like gardening, when there’s a prepared, empty bed for me to fill with whatever I fancy trying.

Morrissons have had a great selection of very reasonably priced plants again this year, so I can’t help but pick up a few every time I go. Above is an allium which I am very excited about, and it seems to be relatively excited about itself.

The slope we started last year has filled out a lot, though it still has big bare spots and some plants are not super-happy there. We probably didn’t improve the soil enough, so I might dig up some stuff and try harder on the second slope.

The bulk bag of horse manure has been joined by a bulk bag of bark chippings. Gardening life is pretty good, when it’s not raining.

I finally moved all the tools into the new tool pantry, which is where the downstairs toilet used to be, and am building a proper, nice composting loo in the place where the messy toolstore used to be. But now I’m waiting on some leftover plasterboard from Andy, so that’s sort of stalled.

Upstairs I am trying to make sense of the storage space by sorting out all the boxes (which I finally did recently! NO more un-sorted crap at all!) and building some partition walls.

In the kitchen, I finally found a use for these cute hook things that I think I found in a shed when we first got here. They needed a lot of cleaning up and a paint job, but now they are in the kitchen with implements hung on them.

And I found my aebleskiver irons in one of the aforementioned boxes of junk, so we celebrated with some aebleskivers, 3rd generation American style… real Danes would laugh. In fact read Danes have laughed… hi, Linda.

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