The Stables In Use (For Their Intended Purpose)

In the last two days I have been on FOUR horse shit outings with my neighbour. Time was when Fiona and I would go, fill one car with about 10 bags and that would do us for the season. Turns out if you make a lot of progress on a large area of garden, you go through a lot more. So Alex and I probably each have a bulk bag’s worth to show for our efforts. I mean, I know we do because we literally put it in a bulk bag, what we didn’t put straight on some bed or other.

And it looks so lovely in the stables! Almost as if I’d designed each stall to hold a bulk bag.

Meanwhile the leaf mould teapot is also getting some use. It looks a bit less graceful being full of leaves, and I definitely should have used a bigger gauge wire for the frame, because it distorts alarmingly if you try to roll it, even a quarter full as it is, but hey, it’s cute and THAT’S WHAT COUNTS.

Also cute are our tulips:

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