Useful and/or wonderful things I think you should know about:

Need a Reputable Builder in the Calder Valley? Andy Bolton is the best there is.

Nick Freydag of the Green Oak Framing Company designed the frame and oversaw the training of the volunteer team to build it. He is very skilled and open to new ideas.

Straw Works are helping us design and build our house.

Black Bark cooperative are very handy with a chainsaw, if you need any trees felling.

Chris Tribe is an amazing teacher of woodworking skill who gave me the confidence to build the windows myself. He makes awesome furniture but also teaches woodworking and is a great guy.

My brilliant, brilliant electrician (doesn’t seem to have a website, must speak to him about that… anyway, google Mark Routledge Todmorden.

I make fancy cakes, did I mention?:

And I do websites:

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