One of the main goals of this project is to use as many recycled materials as possible. The idea came to me while we were putting an extension on our cottage (well, paying someone else to put an extension on our cottage) and I was shocked at the excess building materials and waste materials left over and sent to landfill. We rescued as much of it as we could, including all the old rafters from the 70s flat roof extension we had un-roofed to build on top of it and all the wall stone from the holes knocked in the cottage walls for windows and doors. There were leftover roof tiles, loads of “disposable” plywood temporary flooring, just mountains of good, useable stuff that was going to be chucked away.

So we’ve kept it all and made very good use of it so far, and since this began, an almost ridiculous number of people have offered us stuff they no longer want or need, including the tyres for the foundations (local garages are delighted to give them away), a couch, 18 old pub chairs and a couple of tables for the marquee, a couple of tall standing wardrobes for semi-secure (and vermin-proof) storage, a camp stove, and a ton of storage shelving which will be enormously useful. We’ve even got somebody’s ex-fitted kitchen, complete with sink, fridge, etc as well as swathes of countertop and cupboards, all with oak doors and facings. It was just sat on the side of the road with a “free” sign on it.

If you’ve got anything lying around that you think might be of use to us, please get in touch and if we agree, we’ll be happy to come and remove it and give it a new life.

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