Wood Storage and Wildlife

Here are some goings on.

My solar wood kiln (basically a woodshed with a window for a front and a transparent plastic roof, solar gain, ventilated, etc = very dry wood very fast) is working fabulously, so now I need to empty it so I can fill it again at least twice over the summer. So I needed to sort out the wood storage area in the house.


Claying the walls was a good place to start. And then while that was taking FOREVER to even start to dry, even with a fan on it (good call to pre-dry the wood before it goes in here, I guess) I framed some slat walls out of some reclaimed timber (thanks again, Mount Developments!) to make a giant wood holding pen.


Today I framed the last wall, built a coat and bag hanging area on the back of it, and trimmed and de-nailed all the rest of the slats for the back walls for when the clay ever dries, maybe in 6 weeks at this rate.


I’m pleased about the coat rack. I rifled around in all my old boxes of hardware junk and found a pleasingly mismatched set of hooks.


And while I was de-nailing, I looked up and saw a surprise visitor, one we’ve seen a few times in the garden lately. I think we should name him. I’m assuming him, based on the little antlers, but that might be wrong. I should do some research.


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