12 July: Wall Building

I’m not sure we’re naturals at this wall building thing, but here’s how it’s gone so far:

the scaffolding

Gerhard from Germany built a good, sound foundation and got a couple of courses up before it all started to go a bit difficult. So, aiming to get back to a flat course of large stones, we picked out a couple of monsters that would fit. But obviously we couldn’t lift them. So we did like the stonehenge architects of old and built scaffolding.

Gerhard building the wall

That got them up to the level of the base… but moving them still turned out to be a bit of a task. It’s amazing how heavy rocks are.

as far as we got on the wall

Still, we triumphed in the end. And then went and made a cup of tea. And that’s about as far as we’ve got.

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