Day 2

Just returned home from Felin Uchaf, having failed to take pictures of the roundhouses or the fabulous composting toilet. You’ll just have to see their website for that stuff.

the workshop

I worked in the workshop all morning, not because the weather was inclement (it was sunny and beautiful) but because Dafydd was kind enough to let me spend my time working on a new skill: chiseling.


It’s not nearly as easy as Dafydd made it look, but he was incredibly kind and helpful, a very good teacher, and very skilled. By the end of my second one I was fairly pleased with my work.

chiselling 2

But I did find that every tenon was a new challenge because the grain was so different on each one. I guess after 20 of them I’d be good at it though!

I think I might use some of my freecycle timber to frame a shed using mortise and tenon joints.

the van in Wales

In the afternoon we took a trip out to the end of the Llyn peninsula, overlooking Bardsey Island to see St Mary’s Well, a beauty spot of historical value as a setting off point for pilgrims of old.

me in wales

Very windy and very beautiful.


I have decided to drag Elmo (and Anna and Steven and anyone else who’ll accompany me) back to Felin Uchaf as soon as possible.

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