Whoops. Tipped over.

Well, the snow-cat didn’t survive the night and its additional snowfall of a couple of heavy inches.

cat, headless

And neither did the marquee.

the dead marquee

We hurd a bit of a slushy whump in the night and assumed it was snow falling off the roof.

dead marquee

So I’ve spent theĀ  morning of my birthday (yes, happy birthday to me) clearing out the stuff that was in there. It’s not a mega-disaster. While we can’t argue we were exactly clever about this, we aren’t stupid and we did see this coming, so most of what’s in there was just stuff being kept vaguely dry while we were to lazy to deal with it properly.

Elmo in the dead marquee

The wood and tools have all got places to go and went there over the course of the morning, and the chairs and various other bits have gone to the sheds.

Elmo in the dead marquee

There may even be enough salvageable bits from the frame that we can cobble together a shorter version of the marquee and cover it with a tarp.

getting there...

The couch, under that blue tarp, had got so wet before this even happened that it’s for the tip anyway. Hopefully it will stay just dry enough to remain movable and we can be rid of it next weekend when I hope to have some people to help clear up. And drink this tequila.

killer pasta sauce

On a brighter note, last night I made the most killer sausage and aubergine pasta sauce!

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