Just spent a couple of days up at Boggart Hall preparing for the upcoming weekend; got lots of people coming but the weather looks set to be pretty awful. I think we might get a bit crowded in the little house.

However, have bought a large pile of materials for the gables and ceiling with Elmo’s birthday contributions (*THANK YOU!*) so we can be working on that, plus the tiling and the rest of the claying.

Lea Strimming

The weather was lovely while we were up there, and Lea came to stay a couple of days and was enormously helpful with strimming and pulling up weeds. The place really was looking like a jungle, but we strimmed most of it and pulled some stuff up by the roots in a few places, so hopefully it’ll be a couple of weeks (!) before it all needs doing again.

Eating OutdoorsIt was warm and dry enough to eat outdoors, which was lovely, although I have a few midge bites for my trouble.

crumbleI made a fruit crumble with some blueberries (not my own yet) and some rhubarb from the patch that Lea unearthed from under all the weeds.

Gaddings DamAfter supper we walked up to Gaddings Dam to have a look at the swimming place, which Lea was keen to see. It was a bit cold for a dip, but I’m looking forward to it next time it gets warm. If it ever gets warm.

Walking back in sunsetThe sun had set by the time we walked back to the car. A beautiful view of the town and a lovely, inviting looking pub, but we didn’t stop for a drink. An early night and a long day of work the next day seemed more important! The place looks good now and is ready for an influx on Saturday.

sunset over todmorden

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