Two Words: Electric Lights

A quick one because I need to keep doing the busy busy busy…

electric lights

Look! Miracle! Electricity!

the beer shop

Saturday it snowed quite hard, about 3 inches accumulation. We walked down to the (very pink) beer shop through the falling lovely snow and spent a very enjoyable evening drinking beer (or in my case, wine.)

inside the beer shop

The decor is a bit eye watering, but actually, it works when you’re in it.


The snow was beautiful on Sunday. Everyone else seems to dread the snow but I love it.

stove location

The plinth for the stove is ready to be tiled, just as soon as it’s not so cold that using my tile saw, with its water bath, wouldn’t be painful.

new bed

Anna and I built the bed frame, complete with rails that allow it to be hoisted up to the ceiling when not in use. The table and chairs will fit below it.


Elmo fitted the front door, though we ran out of time before putting the lock and handle on it, so it’s just propped shut with a rubbish bag at the moment.

cherry tree

I went back the next day after we’d had a bit of thaw and planted the trees that had arrived several days before. It’s going to go cold again, so there was really only the one day that the ground would be soft enough. It was a bit back-breaking, but I managed.


Two cherries, a plum and a greengage. I can’t wait for pie and jam.

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