Sun and Signs of Spring


Spring is making an attempt to arrive, depite the very cold weather, hard frosts every night and bits of snow here and there. I saw crocuses beside the road on the way to the land yesterday and all sorts of things are pushing their way up through the leaf litter, especially on the south-facing slope above the wall.

DaffodilsThere’s one early bloom about to come from the clump of daffodils above the driveway. I expect the place will be full of colour in a month.

The electricity may or may not have been connected and turned on today; the guy from the electric company came and put a meter in, but he then told me I needed the electrician back again to hook it up and make it useable. I asked the electrician to come, and he said he would, though possibly not til after I’d left. And when I left, he hadn’t. But I’ve got my fingers crossed, because I’d really like to be using my tile saw this weekend to tile the plinth I poured for the stove.

I stopped at the hardware store to get some screws and they had all the normally EXTREMELY expensive edging tiles on sale *stupidly* cheap, so I bought some wonderful gold glass ones and have a really good plan for the stove area. I bought some dark gold metallic paint for the fireproof board, and big, matte black tiles to go on the plinth and the lower part of the wall. It will all be very dramatic and beautiful.

I also bought all the timber for the bed and started cutting it to size. There are some complicated joints that have to be figured out, which is taking a lot of mental effort, meaning that I spend 10 minutes at a time standing on a chair and staring at the place where ceiling beam, rail, rope and ceiling will meet and still can’t quite picture how it all goes together. And you sort of have to be able to picture it before you can cut pieces of wood to fit.

Anyway, I figured out that the ceiling beams had to go in first, so I cut them to sit a couple of centimetres below the ceiling, both for the way it will look and because I couldn’t figure out how I would make the ceiling go around the fixings if I didn’t. It looks good, and I almost sort of have a plan for how to do the rest of it.

The four fruit trees arrived, and want to go in the ground pretty quickly, though I am not much good for digging. Perhaps Anna will be feeling strong. Elmo’s back is bad, so he might be only there for decoration this weekend. Still, he makes excellent decoration.

And finally – my lunch:

SaladI felt I needed a little shot of summer.

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