Still There

Dropped by the land today to make sure the woodstove hadn’t been stolen (and to bring it inside the building and board up the door, out of what is probably paranoia, but I’d feel really bad if it got stolen.) Everything was comparatively fine, besides that a strong westerly wind had blown open the gate by way of ripping the hasp off its fittings. I screwed it back together and locked the gate, with the assistance of some WD-40 in the now very rusty lock. And must remember that we need to bring the key next time we want to get in. But I feel a bit better about my stove.

Still, want to be getting up there a lot in January and getting as much done as we can. I just looked up sunset times and we gain nearly an hour a month over January and February; sun sets at nearly 6pm at the end of Feb. That will make things so much easier up there.

My new goal is to be living up there in March. I know my goals change all the time according to what I actually accomplish, but I think of it as a strength rather than a weakness. In fact, it is the secret of my success in life.

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