The Bonfire Party

Well, it was a great party, but I managed not to take a single photo, except this one of the refurbed park bench, which we got the cast iron bits for from our neighbour who was throwing them out, and the slats are just cheap pine. So cheap the thing had pretty much fallen apart by the end of the party, but I might try to fix it and do it a bit better this time.

Park BenchThe party was really fun, lots of neighbours came and those who didn’t mostly phoned and wished us well. Joanne from down the road made us a big pot of soup, though we had overcatered anyway, so we will be freezing a lot of it (it was delicious.)

Alex brought fireworks and most of them went off fine. One catherine wheel needed a bit of encouragement with the burning tip of a long stick (don’t try this at home) but the exciting bit was when Elmo swept up the debris afterwards and chucked it on the fire and a few seconds later there was a bright green glow. Good thing it wasn’t a rocket.

I’m annoyed that I forgot to take pictures, but glad I enjoyed myself enough not to think of “business” for a whole day.

I did take pictures of the cake I made, so here it is and that will have to do.

The Bonfire Party Cake

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