Porch framed

Joist hangers in action

Well, I may have done my back no good at all, but we have a frame for a porch floor now.

Elmo was good enough to bring most of the 4.8m lengths of board down from the top of the drive where they’d been delivered, but I sawed them up and hung all the joist hangers and I’ve never known so many different awkward angles to hold myself at for a long string of brief periods. See above for an example. Anyway, it’s done, and the posts for the front edge are soaking in creosote round the back, so hopefully we’ll have a covered porch in another few days.

the porchWe’ll probably sling a few bits of old plywood on it for now, can’t really afford any proper flooring material at the moment, but it’ll be nice not to be paddling around in the mud like we were.

I’ve done nothing at all interesting with food in the last few days, so I’ll have to leave you with this lovely photo of the oblique angle of the sun casting pretty shadows from the leaves that fall on top of the marquee.

leaves on the marquee

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