A Little Spring Goes A Long Way

Don’t quote me and don’t get excited, but I’ve been almost, well…  well lately.

Like, I have got a few things done in the house and made a few enquiries about getting help from other people with some other things, which was beyond my capacity during the Bad Shit that my mental state has been.

So, updates include:

I foraged for some snowdrop bulbs, along a public footpath where they had got crowded and needed splitting. I split and replanted them to spread further, and snaffled a few for my own garden.

These are not them. But they are beautiful and were part of the inspiration.


I have also been using the unseasonably warm and sunny weather to ride that wave of gardening inspiration that can mean only one thing… ebay.

Got a massive haul of paving slabs for almost nothing, and Anthony (the Blessed Saint Anthony) helped me move them in his gargantuan van.


They will pave a bit of the lower garden on which I am going to build a long, low shed full of bays for things like topsoil, manure, bark chippings, tools, bags of grit, etc. All this is going to streamline the process of gardening so much we will get a lot more done.

And inside the house there has been a bit of progress too, though I haven’t taken pictures because it’s really not that interesting to look at yet. But Andrew and Daisy came round and Andrew applied his considerable genius to constructing an actual base for an actual shower cubicle in my actual bathroom. So that’s one step closer to having the first shower in my ownership since 2013 or so…

Anyway, more spring please.

Meanwhile, if you miss me, go check out my other blog, www.imakeeverything.co.uk


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