A Little Update On Everything


Here it is, a fabulously shiny and glinting winter day with snow sticking to every branch and blade of grass and the sun shining gorgeously through my front windows. But for the deer picking its way across the garden and the cup of cocoa I ought to have in my hands, this is really very like the fantasy version in the beginning, before it all went… real.


This morning we woke to my favourite kind of snow (besides three feet of it, but we never get that, so I don’t count it) and out I went with my camera to document the moment.


The sun rose in the glorious blue sky catch all the white detail.


I just don’t get why anybody doesn’t like snow.


Even with all the detritus in the way of the gardening, you can see that it is and will be a monumentally beautiful place. I really am lucky, and more importantly, I feel lucky lately.


Maybe it’s living a full year now in the gloriously south-facing house instead of the one in the shadowiest bit of the garden.


Though there are parts of that cabin I miss. We never really go in the outdoor kitchen anymore. In summer I shall make a point of it.


I can see just where I need to shore up the insulation and airtightness for next year.


Although it is tolerably warm most of the time. If you dress for it. And have a hot water bottle. Actually, with the sun shining, it’s a full-on 19 degrees in here. I love the greenhouse effect.


And when I finish the ceilings, get some proper, sealing doors and get some thick curtains hung for overnight window insulation, I think it will perform just fine, even in the coldest bits of winter. I’m pretty pleased with that.


I mean, bring on spring and gin-on-the-terrace weather, but if it has to be winter, this is not a bad situation to be in. I’ll go make that cup of cocoa. Someone bring me a deer for the garden.



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