Walls Being Formed

Since the roof is the best place from which to put up the wall between the annex and main house, we decided to hurry up and do that. It has radically changed the view from the attic.


The step is just so we can still get in and out.


It was quite exciting to see the shape of the windows, even if the windows themselves are still a distant dream.


CJ has increased in confidence about both roof-climbing and massive nail gun use.


And I managed to source some larch cladding locally, which will hopefully cover this bit and both gable ends. I’m really pleased with the way it looks. It will go grey eventually, but for now it’s the most beautiful red-brown.


In other news, a bunch of our friends went to The Forbidden Corner, tucked away in darkest North Yorkshire. It’s like an amusement park, but one where, instead of having any rides, they just concentrated on making the inbetween atmospheric decorative bits AMAZING. So everything’s built of real stone, not moulded plastic, and all the gardens and plants are real, not plastic, doors are made of wood and metalwork and look properly old, the whole thing was awesome. It’s like a giant maze of interesting little places and it’s pleasingly unclear how you get from one place to another, so you just have to wander around and find stuff. Highly, highly, highly recommended. Maybe go off-season, though. Too many people there for it to have been quite perfect.



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