Roof and Windows

Antony came round to help me fit the first roof window, which went remarkably smoothly, mainly due to Antony knowing what he was doing. This is a view of what will one day, God willing, be my bedroom.


Outside the window, David continues to make excellent progress on the roof. I have spent the day not actually on the roof because it’s bloody uncomfortable work and if others are willing to do it while I frame in windows and cut bits of wood for this and that, well who am I to complain. Mackenzie, son of my good friend Michelle finally succumbed to her badgering and dropped by to help.


Alec, despite the photographic evidence, spent all day cutting tiles to order for the guys on the roof, and not sitting around on straw.



Here’s the roof approximately 1/10th done, and David looking pleased with that, quite rightly.


It was crazy-hot on the roof, so I was pleased to be able to work inside, framing and making a hole for the next roof window.


I then managed to fit that window all by my very own self. With only minor, easily rectifiable mistakes.


And the view across the valley to the pub is everything I hoped it would be.

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