I totally saw a deer this morning on the drive while I was emptying out the tiles I bought on ebay and collected yesterday. It was a beautiful young doe, fairly unflustered that I was watching her. She stood and looked back at me for a bit and then jumped the fence into the adjoining field and wandered off.

the drive without the deer

Naturally, being somewhat absorbed in looking at her through my eyes and not my phone, I didn’t get a picture, but you can put her in the above picture with your imagination if you like.

colourful tiles

I had rather a good haul off ebay yesterday. While not free, these tiles were a tenth of what they would have been “new” and will be amazing when I come to do the mosaics. Yes, that is a year away, but I want to spend a good year thinking about it and make it absolutely amazing. I went on pinterest.com and looked up “mosaic floor” (go ahead, do it, open another tab and do it now) and I’m so excited to do this floor.

granite tiles

My other ebay triumph was a set of 17 huge (60cm sq) solid granite tiles which I’ll use in front of the giant window as a heatsink in my passive solar heating system.

And I followed that up by calling up my local tile shop (Dickies Tiles in Halifax, very good) and they said I could wade into their skip and take anything I wanted. Not surprisingly, I came away with a boot-load of free stuff, some of it amazing, some of it merely pale background to other, more colourful stuff, but all of it free, free, free and no longer destined for landfill. Mission accomplished.

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