The bees got delivered today. Two “nukes” of New Zealand hybrid bees, with one year old queens, ready marked for ease of finding. Anna is well excited.

two nukes of bees

They came in polystyrene boxes with a movable wheel that allows various levels of access to the outside world.

Anna and the bee man installing the bees

The guy (whose name I have already forgotten, but Anna knows it) helped her put them in their new home and gave all sorts of helpful advice.

Anna feeding the bees

The first bit of advice was to feed them freely for three weeks, as they’re young and not really able to support themselves yet. So off we went to buy bags and bags of sugar, which we mixed with warm water to make bee food.

And in other news…

percolation test

I have now done a percolation test, as per the requirement of the council for my reserved matters on the subject of drainage. And the verdict is… that my land basically is a swimming pool and hardly drains at all. Lucky me. I don’t know what this means, actually, but at least now I know.

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