Bindweed and other flourishing things

PetuniasWe took a trailer load up there last night, partly to satisfy ourselves that the house bits hadn’t collapsed into a wet pile, which they hadn’t, and there is a great deal of evidence that it’s mainly because the neighbours have taken very good care of them (hooray for the neighbours!).

In addition to the buildings being in good shape, we found that the flora was certainly flourishing. I was delighted that that included my token petunia pots, which I’m quite sure have been watered by the neighbours, because they’d have been stone dead otherwise. Above and beyond the call of duty, that is!

Unfortunately, everything else is flourishing, and that is mainly stuff we don’t want flourishing, like quite a lot of horsetail and bindweed.

Bindweed taking over the pathThe path that was clear two weeks ago is criss-crossed with the bindweed, and the chairs and firewood pile in the marquee are acting as climbing frames. Well, there’s a job for the first workers to arrive tomorrow to get on with. I expect that will be a regular job, really. I’m no gardener, but I’m given to understand I would be best off making friends with both plants, as we’ll never be rid of them. Oh well, bindweed is quite pretty in bloom, and horesetail is apparently good for your hair and nails. And for scrubbing pots with. I’ll give that a try.

Anyway, today is baking day, so I need to get back to it; large workforce expected this weekend and I must keep them sugarred up so they work like demons!

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