A New Shed and a Giant Mess

A few bits of sunshine have made it through, and been enough to tempt me out to do some work outdoors. I put the old glass doors from Antony’s demolished house onto the workshed. Still a few wall panels to go yet. But then, I’ve got a few doors lying around.

doors on the workshed

Spring *IS* coming. It IS!!!

the promise of spring in daffodil form

Sal came round and helped me frame a floor for the new shed, which is incorporating the back and front of Antony’s old shed.

floor of the new shed

Then Catie and Simon came and helped me put the rest of it together.

walls of the new shed

And we managed to get the rafters up before I had to go down to Somerset to do morris dancing with youths. We shall speak no more of that…

long shot of the new shed

Except to say that I came back with a drawhorse. In addition to morris dancing, they’d also been taught to split, shave and turn green wood into morris sticks. And I got given a drawhorse to look after. Jack liked it immediately.

new drawhorse

A bit of sad news is that the bees are definitely dead. We checked on them a month or so ago, thinking they must be, as we hadn’t seen any for a long time. There were one or two still showing signs of life, so I put the lid back on and left them to it, but when we looked again they were definitely not alive. So we took their honey.

honey warming up over the stove

Not being in posession of all the extraction equipment, we had to turn to the internet for advice. It said to warm it to about 90 degrees and then rub the honey off with a spoon.

honey being extracted

It was pretty labour intensive and very, very sticky, but it worked in the end and we have about four or five litres of honey to show for it.

lots and lots of honey

As well as a few sticky patches on the surfaces, our clothes, the cats…


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