Today’s wildlife is an unidentified butterfly. Or moth. I’m not sure.


I made an inkle loom out of an old warping frame I’d had kicking around for years. I was making a mess, as you can see, until my mother told me the correct method of achieving woven tape rather than a mess. Now it’s working well.

My inkle loom

I found the last of the great Lancashire industry leftover yarn sellers and bought some nice cotton yarn.

the yarn shop

Catie and Simon came round to do some work, drink some tea…

Katie and Simon working

And go for a nice walk in the hills above Todmorden. The weather’s been lovely.

Katie and Simon walking

And Antony dug us a hole in the ground. I’ve booked an engineer to come round on Monday, so hopefully he will approve my plans for the foundation.

Antony and the digger


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