The Wall and The Loo

After our rather slow and unskilled attempts at building a wall, it was built in two days by my increasingly valued friend and neighbour Antony. He did a lovely job, and clearly has the right kind of mind for fitting together bits of odd rectangles in a solid form. Which I really really don’t.

Antony's wall

The new loo is in use now, and it’s absolute luxury.

The finished loo

It was designed (with a few pointers from me) by Daniel, who then also built it, having never really built anything in his life before.

the loo under construction

The bucket is a wheelie bin with a compostable bag liner, but the principle is the same. I hope a bin will go for about 6 months and then it can get wheeled out to a sunny spot and sit for another 6 months before being dumped on the pile to go at least another 6 months before being used as garden compost.

the bucket

Daniel was fantastic, a real pleasure to live and work with, an excellent young man and I very much hope he will come back and visit us regularly.

Daniel working on the loo

His girlfriend Ramona also visited for the last week of his stay, and helped to finish the building. They they went off to spend two weeks hiking and camping in Skye, so I hope they survived.

Ramona working on the loo

I suppose it’s maybe a dubious honor to have us think of them when we use the loo, but it really is such a great little building and such a step up from the previous arrangement, that I will always think very fondly of them when using it.

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