A Roof and Recent Pet News

Anna has made the latest addition to our household by buying a stuffed bear at a charity shop. He’s called Arthur.

arthur the bear

He turns up everywhere.

Arthur in the chickenhouse

Jack took to him instantly and they are good friends. Jack is so much like Balthazar, we think they must have been brothers.

flying jack ridden by arthur

Like Balthazar, he quickly realised he wasn’t allowed on the kitchen countertops while anyone was looking. Most times we go out we find mysterious muddy cat prints on the counter upon returning.

incriminating evidence

Lily maintains a dignified silence.

Lily in the sun

The railway works down the road seem to be going through cable reels at quite a pace, so I asked the workers if I could have one and they said “yeah, take as many as you want.” So I took three. Luckily, after pushing this one up the hill (which took three of us) I decided I could use some smaller ones.

the new outdoor table

We finished the roof frame in the most searing heat (must have been 17 or 18 degrees C!) and put the metal roof bits Antony had given us on just in time for the rain.

me on the roof


But I don’t put pictures of rain on this blog, so here are some more pictures of sunny, hot, dry Todmorden.

working on the shed

The view from the workshop is rather pleasant.

the view from the shed

The view from the roof is lovely as well.

the view from the roof

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