Wood and Bees

Our latest volunteer, Achim, turned out to be very adept at building woodsheds. Now we can move the small stuff to a permanent home rather than its haphazard pile-under-black-plastic system.

Achim building a woodshed

We finally got rid of the red Honda to Lisa, whose car died the day after she spent £400 getting it through its MOT. Hopefully it’s got a few years left in it. But it needed a jump to get going because we’d left a light on quite a while ago. Also pictured is the new blue Bongo, I can’t remember whether I’d introduced that one yet. Mainly I’m talking to my dad here. Hi Pa.

All cars in need of something

And the bees came out during a sunny spell last week, which was nice because I’d been worried that they might not have made it through this wet winter.

happy bees in spring

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