Calling All Helpers!

An opportunity has arisen to acquire two semi-built straw buildings that Amazonails need rid of at a knock-down price. The only hitch is, I need to get them out of the warehouse they’re in by next Thursday. So between now and then I need to dig 10 holes as deep as whatever the solid layer is under the topsoil, fill them with tyres filled with pea gravel, arrange for somebody with a big machine of some kind to get the things up the hill and onto the plot (challenging, as at the moment that means down a 10 foot drop) and onto these tyres.

So if anyone out there fancies a very exciting few days of digging and lugging stuff around, followed (hopefully) by watching a couple of 3mx4m buildings dragged/winched/pushed/rolled into place, followed by a HUGE self-congratulatory party, please get in touch via the contact page.

In other news, we may very soon have running water, as the water guy came and said the meter was a functioning one and we just needed to find the stop tap and turn it on. In case we find ourselves with any free time in the next week!

No word yet from the electricity people…

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