Been a while…

Sorry for delay, been away and then busy.

Our new volunteer has arrived, this one is from Italy. He’s called Francesco and is lovely. He spent his first day taking some branches from an oak tree that had been seriously trimmed by one of our neighbours and making them into “walls” for the climbers to climb in the pergola.

Francesco adding walls to the pergola

He also helped me make an attempt at moving the giant old steel water tank out of the corner where we want to put the greenhouse up, but it got to this point and was too difficult. Anji’s coming on Tuesday to cut it up and take it away, so we’ll just have to wait til then to sort out the greenhouse.

the water tank

Elodie left this morning for an EPIC journey of 20 hours by train, bus and ferry to get back to France. On her last day of work she and I started to clear the corner nearest the secret garden door (looking more ivy-covered every day, sigh) where we hope to build a shed eventually. She was absolutely lovely and we will miss her. I wish I’d gotten a better picture, but we shall have to make do with this one.

Elodie doing some shovelling on her last day

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