Lovely, Sunny Weather

Maxime in a hole

Well, alright, it was a bit overcast yesterday, but actually that made it much pleasanter to work. Maxime, above, our French volunteer, dug a massive hole for a soakaway for the runoff from the roof. He then filled it with rubble and put soil and grass back over the top. Today I bought a new water butt and downpipe system, so we will say goodbye shortly to the difficult and unwieldy gorilla tub collection system!

the new pot rack

Meanwhile, I had found a suspended pot rack at a charity shop, so I spend the morning attaching it to the ceiling and devising a rope hook system that allows me to easily pull it up or down to measured places. A little extra storage goes a long way around here.

blueberries and beehives

The blueberries are starting to look good. I’ve mulched and watered them quite liberally and they are looking really healthy. There may be a pie in the offing this year.


Our pool of tadpoles are turning into frogs. There are at least a couple of hudred of them, though fewer every day. (Apparently they eat each other. Grim.)

rose bush

And above the tadpole tank, the very gratifying and successful Rose Albertine that Michelle gave me, which she promises me will cover the whole wall, and I believe her from the progress it’s made in a year. Thanks, Michelle!

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