This is all somewhat delayed because I’ve been busy hanging out with my parents, but they left this morning, so I’ll try to catch up a bit, and then add photos as they arrive off my parents’ phones.

Parents cordoning off the new lawn

My dad raked and planted new grass on the bits I failed to rake last autumn, so hopefully the lawn will start looking a bit better in a couple of weeks. They cordoned it off with pegs and bailing twine so that I wouldn’t just continually walk over it and prevent the grass from growing.

Sarah May and David de-glassing while Elmo de-weeds

My mom and Elmo made further progress taking out the finder bits of weed from the bit Michelle dug over, while Sarah-May and David de-glassed the last bit. I’ll plant vegetables in the next couple of weeks. It’ll be really nice to be properly growing stuff this year.

Annie cutting firewood

David’s daughter Annie came along and had a go with the bow saw cutting up firewood. She was very good at it for a first try.

my parents cutting firewood

My parents, both old hands with a bow saw, made quick work of some of the pile, but it’s an ongoing process.

More pictures will follow when I get them from my parents, who are mid-atlantic about now.

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