Actual, Tangible Progress


I’ve made a thing! It’s the frame for a curved front wall for a bench seat in the shower.

It required thinking and planning and a bit of research and measuring and cutting and rebating and I did it! This is significant progress. A few months ago there’s no way my brain would have survived this, I would have ended up under a duvet watching cat videos. Again.

So you never know, might be worth checking back here now and again in case this new trend keeps up.

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A Little Spring Goes A Long Way

Don’t quote me and don’t get excited, but I’ve been almost, well…  well lately.

Like, I have got a few things done in the house and made a few enquiries about getting help from other people with some other things, which was beyond my capacity during the Bad Shit that my mental state has been.

So, updates include:

I foraged for some snowdrop bulbs, along a public footpath where they had got crowded and needed splitting. I split and replanted them to spread further, and snaffled a few for my own garden.

These are not them. But they are beautiful and were part of the inspiration.


I have also been using the unseasonably warm and sunny weather to ride that wave of gardening inspiration that can mean only one thing… ebay.

Got a massive haul of paving slabs for almost nothing, and Anthony (the Blessed Saint Anthony) helped me move them in his gargantuan van.


They will pave a bit of the lower garden on which I am going to build a long, low shed full of bays for things like topsoil, manure, bark chippings, tools, bags of grit, etc. All this is going to streamline the process of gardening so much we will get a lot more done.

And inside the house there has been a bit of progress too, though I haven’t taken pictures because it’s really not that interesting to look at yet. But Andrew and Daisy came round and Andrew applied his considerable genius to constructing an actual base for an actual shower cubicle in my actual bathroom. So that’s one step closer to having the first shower in my ownership since 2013 or so…

Anyway, more spring please.

Meanwhile, if you miss me, go check out my other blog,


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A Little Update On Everything


Here it is, a fabulously shiny and glinting winter day with snow sticking to every branch and blade of grass and the sun shining gorgeously through my front windows. But for the deer picking its way across the garden and the cup of cocoa I ought to have in my hands, this is really very like the fantasy version in the beginning, before it all went… real.


This morning we woke to my favourite kind of snow (besides three feet of it, but we never get that, so I don’t count it) and out I went with my camera to document the moment.


The sun rose in the glorious blue sky catch all the white detail.


I just don’t get why anybody doesn’t like snow.


Even with all the detritus in the way of the gardening, you can see that it is and will be a monumentally beautiful place. I really am lucky, and more importantly, I feel lucky lately.


Maybe it’s living a full year now in the gloriously south-facing house instead of the one in the shadowiest bit of the garden.


Though there are parts of that cabin I miss. We never really go in the outdoor kitchen anymore. In summer I shall make a point of it.


I can see just where I need to shore up the insulation and airtightness for next year.


Although it is tolerably warm most of the time. If you dress for it. And have a hot water bottle. Actually, with the sun shining, it’s a full-on 19 degrees in here. I love the greenhouse effect.


And when I finish the ceilings, get some proper, sealing doors and get some thick curtains hung for overnight window insulation, I think it will perform just fine, even in the coldest bits of winter. I’m pretty pleased with that.


I mean, bring on spring and gin-on-the-terrace weather, but if it has to be winter, this is not a bad situation to be in. I’ll go make that cup of cocoa. Someone bring me a deer for the garden.



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By The Way

While I’m not building this house, I’m starting my craft consultancy business, I Make Everything. Please do feel absolutely at liberty to help me promote it if you know anyone who wants to learn to make anything like shirts or cakes or textile taxidermy heads or the like.

Also, headspace definitely clearing and looking more positive. Will definitely make building progress this year at some point. Promise.

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Official Hiatus

Well, I’ve reached that point where I’m cutting the weekly food bill by buying less fresh vegetables, which are now the major trimmable expense, because I’ve trimmed all the others. And you know when you can’t afford vegetables, it’s time to get a job. So there will be no building news for a while (not that I was giving you much anyway) and hopefully a break on that front will mean that in 6 months or a year I’ll have lots of money and lots of energy and the whole thing can begin again in earnest.

Meanwhile I’m warm (my masonry heater is the best thing ever) and dry (thanks for the roof, Andy, and the windows Nora, Ben and Craig!) and I can do without plumbing and wiring for another little while.

Feel free to give me a heads up if you know anyone wanting a website, any graphic design, a wedding cake or tweed suit.

See you in a while…

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