Yeah, that snow I mentioned…

That was nothing.

This, this is snow.

Boggart Hall Acre in the snow

But before we get to that, the good news. The wood was delivered *just* in time, after a wait of two weeks during which we burned a bit of the not-quite-adequately-seasoned willow and some expensive bags of kiln-dried from the local place.

wood pile

The delivery guy managed to drive his rather large lorry to the top of the drive, though he said he wouldn’t do it again, given the choice. So at least I didn’t have to ferry it in the back of the car from Jane’s the way I did last time. This time I just had to chuck it down the stairs and then ferry it by hand to the woodshed.

stacked wood

Job done in half a day or so, and a good thing too. I also managed to finish the duvet cover, fitted sheet and four pillow cases I managed to make out of the length of sheeting I bought at Abakhan in Wales when I went with Anna. £8 worth of fabric is not bad for a complete set of bedding, though I didn’t measure properly and so my duvet cover is about 10cm too narrow. Oh well. Lily likes it anyway.

me in the bed

And sure enough, woodpile and duvet ready, the snow fell overnight and continued (continues) to fall.

snow through the window

Anna arrived Friday night on a train and there was no question of  getting the car down the hill so I walked to meet her. Luckily, it’s toasty inside, what with all this firewood and insulation. And I’d spent Friday cutting up the plasterboard, having decided leaving it out in the snow (which was blowing all over the porch) was a bad idea. So we spent some of today putting up bits of ceiling. And bits of it stomping around in the snow.

Anna in the snow

Anna had a tooth-brushing adventure, though see the end of this entry for how I trumped that…

snow drifts

The snow was powdery and drifty, and formed some really interesting shapes.

the sign in the snow

And tonight, because it had been about 5 days and I can’t take any more than that, I just had to wash my hair. Two kettles of water in the watering can and a steely resolve…

grace washing her hair in the snow

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