More Housewarming Photos

The cherry laurel had to go. Luckily, Dan was willing to work on it all day.

Getting rid of the cherry laurel

Having a bit of lunch.

Sunday Lunch

Grace and Simon having a laugh.

Grace and Simon

Grace wielding power tools. That toilet won’t build itself.

Grace with Tools

Our new home (a touring caravan I bought on ebay.) Very good views.

Our new home

Since the weather was so good, we did all the cooking and tea-making outdoors.

Working kitchen

Liz’s steps before all that work.

Liz's steps before

Liz’s steps after all that work.

Liz's steps after

The rudimentary loo. It does the job (so to speak.)

The Rudimentary Loo

The marquee (or great hall) and the caravan (or domestic quarters.)

the Marquee and the Caravan

There was a stone at the bottom of one of the walls that was threatening to fall off down the hill. It would have been a ridiculous pain to get it back again, so Elmo sensibly led a campaign to replace it.

Moving a very large stone

The beautiful mullioned windows in one of the outbuildings.

the Mullioned Window

We found this very useful crosscut saw in the shed. Several uses were made of it.

Sal, Catie and the stump

The view from inside one of the sheds, now lovely and clean (well, relatively) and ready to hold our stuff with some level of security.

The view from the shed

The sheds from the outside.

the sheds

The table, set for dinner.

The table set for dinner

A wide view of the site.

Wide shot of the site

Sarah-May and Lea raking up the grass after strimming.


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