Spring is Springing

It’s really felt like spring here the last couple of days. I’m busy redecorating one of the caravans in preparation for my parents using it when they visit in April, but also just because I was so inspired by Alice’s wonderful caravan in Wales. But no pictures of that til it’s done and I can show you before and after shots.


digging out the tree

Steven and I got a bit farther on the taking down of the willow tree. We’ve completely ringed the bottom now, but we broke a strap trying to pull it with the van and it didn’t appear to move an inch. I think we’ll need to undercut it a lot more.

steven using the chainsaw

Root cutting did go a lot faster with the chainsaw, but I insisted on not only clearing out soil to leave three inches clearance all round, but also washing down the root with a brush and water to avoid dulling the chainsaw on the soil. Pretty amusing seeing someone washing roots with a brush.

Elmo and Lily

Lily continues to enjoy her new home, and is exploring the grounds more and more. She comes running in the most delightfully cute way when you call her. I think she remembers too well the 5 months in a cage and running is that much more of a delight to her.


Primulas are out, some survivors from last year and some new, as well as some bulbs from last year and the year before.

early bulbs

Stuff pretty much has to survive on its own in my garden; I’m not very good at dedicating much time or energy to coaxing stuff along. But luckily, bulbs seem to do ok. I planted a load of them around the front of the cabin in the autumn and some are poking their noses up, but nothing very exciting yet. This crocus, whose brethren I planted autunm 2010, seems to be doing alright.

the spring view

Still long shadows but the sun is climbing ever higher and it’s still a bit light at 6pm these days. Spring definitely on the way, and none too soon. I’m tired of the cold! We ran out of firewood and are burning odd bits of not-quite-seasoned-enough stuff until the new bag arrives.

Lily in the window

Lily appreciates the warmth of the cabin though.

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