Not much to report.

Have been doing a bit of networking, hoping to get a bit of larch or douglas fir from Tree Station in Manchester, who do urban and suburban tree surgery and woodland management and mill any felled trees for local, small-scale use. I’m hoping to go visit their yard in the next couple of weeks and get some wood from which to build the planned shed/workspace over the summer.

I’ve also been cooking up plans to pimp the caravans into something a bit more glamping-appropriate, including building little porches for them and kitting out the inside with better shelves, etc.

But none of this yields any pictures yet…

All I’ve got by way of pictures is my regular thursday¬† trip to the market, on Junk Day.

junk market

Very often I find useful old tools, dishes, interesting books (like last week’s ceiling paper find) and this week I found a great, faux-victorian jacket thing for a pound.

the best stall

Even if you don’t find anything worth buying, it’s worth the trip just for the atmosphere.

I’m off to Somerset for a week of teaching dance (yes, actual paid work! Hooray!)¬† and then it’s Kinnersley, so things will likely be a bit quiet for a bit. But then it will be properly spring (please god) and things around here will pick up the pace!

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