Goodly Pile of Fire Woood

It threatened rain all day but never delivered, thankfully, so we got the whole pile of ex-willow-tree bits sawn up to splitting size. Splitting can be for another day, and possibly the arrival of someone with something to prove, as axe splitting is hard work.

working on the ex marquee site

It all got stacked, either in the woodshed or on some pallets with a tarp over for the short-term while we sort out some better system longer term. It’ll need seasoning for at least a couple of years. We just tested some smaller stuff we seasoned only one year and it’s still pretty hissy. Not dry enough. Looks like we might be buying in next year as well.

Elmo cutting the small bits

Elmo sawed up the smaller stuff while I ran the chainsaw on the bigger stuff. I do like my chainsaw. I can’t imagine what we were thinking, before we got it. That job would have taken weeks.

grace and the big logs

With the wonder-chainsaw, we got through the whole pile in a couple of hours.

We also managed to install the cat door, finally, which has amused Lily no end. She was clearly familiar with its use from her previous home, and she’s spent the day delightedly hopping through it back and forth for no apparent reason.

Lily coming through the cat flap

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