RIP Marquee

Bit of a productive day, and thankfully, a sunny one. The marquee started out looking like this:


And slowly got dismantled, the fabric bits bundled and put by the gate for the council to collect, and the metal bits sorted between “still the right shape” and “really not useful for the frame of any marquee anymore”.


Lots (really, satisfyingly lots) of stuff went into the van and to the tip.

during 2

By the end of the day we’d found a home for most things, even if it’s not ideal. Having failed to come up with the money to buy the sheds, we will have to look at alternatives for storage. I’m hoping to build a small shed and covered work area this spring/summer, so maybe we can incorporate some general storage space there.


And finally: it’s been cold. Not as cold as the recent week of below freezing that left all the buckets totally solid, but cold enough to create this sheet on top of the rain barrel. We hung it in a tree. It lasted til the first stiff breeze.

ice window

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