Ceiling Paper

I decided that, since I have never been particularly talented at plastering, I would try to find a book, something old, with tiny print and yellowed pages, hopefully with etchings and spidery type, to paper the ceiling with. To my utter delight, at today’s junk market in town I found two Girl’s Own Annuals from 1882 and 1883, in such knackered condition outside that it will not feel like a crime to cut them apart.

Girl's Own Annual

They’re practically falling out of their bindings, though one is a bit better than the other. I will probably try to do the whole job with the one and keep the other for reading entertainment.

From the Answers to Correspondents section, Nov 18th, 1882:

“To Hernine: Accept our warm acknowledgements of your gratifying letter. We also thank you for offering a prescription for the use of those suffering from a taint in the breath. We are aware that the use of charcoal powder, as sold by chemists, is good for this complaint, as for others. We think that to take a teaspoon of it with water half an hour before dinner is a better method than spread on bread-and-butter.”

“To Flora: Your “watercolour drawings,” so called, are fearful achievements. Pray do not waste your time in pursuing the study of painting, nor our time in sending us examples.”

an illustrated page

Some of the pages are marvellously illustrated.

more texty pages

Some are a bit simpler and some are all text. All are a bit yellow at the edges and stained. I’m really quite excited about this. Better get on with finishing the plasterboarding, I guess.

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