Been a bit cold but a whole lot beautiful at Boggart Hall lately.

The steps in the snow

I went down to town for some shopping at the market (Thursday is junk day!) and it started to snow while I was down there. Above are the beautiful stone steps up to our front gate, and below is me loving the snow. How people manage to hate it it completely beyond me.

me loving the snow

I’ve been laid out with a cold for a few days, but aside from that I’ve got my fire back a bit and have been getting stuff done, including painting several walls and researching mosiacs to make sure I get the practice (this is the practice house, after all) in styles I actually want in the real house. Sarah-May came for a visit and has donated her collection of really nice coloured tiles, which I’m totally inspired by. I’ve got some really exciting stuff now, so I need to figure out how best to use it.

I’m intending to “move” up there after Christmas, that is, to start being there by default unless I’ve got a reason to be in Barnsley, which will still be fairly frequently, since it’s very convenient for returning to after dancing events in Sheffield, and also it has hot running water (though I did get myself a swimming card at the local pool, so I can have a shower in Tod if I’m willing to drag my butt out there). Barnsley’s also got all my craft materials, so I’ll be back there rifling through them at intervals, since I can’t go a whole week without starting a new artistic project. But at some point I need to make the conscious leap to thinking of Boggart Hall as where I live rather than just where I go for short residential bursts of working.

Who needs hot running water?

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