Lantern in the sun

It’s been nearly 15 years since I lived in the US and for the first several years I always made a lavish Thanksgiving dinner for me, Elmo and whoever else was around. That sort of petered out and in the last few years I haven’t really bothered.

Dinner in the making

But this year, what with the miserable weather, I felt we all needed a feast to cheer us up. I didn’t go all out, and it was a chicken instead of a turkey, but we did have a lovely little feast on Saturday to usher in the winter.

Serving the dinner

Anna carved expertly (by my standards) and we all enjoyed it throroughly, though Alec as absent and missed.

my dinner

Here’s a picture of my dinner, just in case you didn’t know what Thanksgiving dinner looks like.

the walk

After dinner we went for a walk to get ready for the pie (pumpkin pie made with Libby’s tinned pumpkin, thanks Amazon!) and although it was misty and muddy, the view of Todmorden down in the valley was quite charming. That night was a bit of a fire festival, with a lantern procession and a market/carnival by the canal. It was jovial and well attended, considering that it was chucking it down all evening, and we had a wander round the market, watched the procession and then headed to the beer shop where we met up with some neighbours and enjoyed the beer.

Floorboards on the porch

We also managed to do a bit of work, getting the rest of the floor laid and the wardrobes moved back into place. I ran out of nails before I finished the nailing, but I’m headed back there tomorrow to finish that and get more interior stuff done.

Misty morning view

The mist was very atmospheric, but…

The view and sunset

When the sun comes out it’s always beautiful up there.

the sunny view

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