Good lord, has it actually been a month?

I am a lax, lax, lax blogger. But let he who is without communications laziness cast the first stone, eh?

And to make matters worse, I only have a very small amount of progress to report.

laying the floor

Sam came to stay for a few days and we managed to get a bunch of floor laid, though only as far as the door, because now we have to empty and disassemble the wardrobes in order to get the rest down. Which is a big job. But one I should, admittedly, just get on with.

the floor

I did cleverly manage to take one photo that makes it look more done than it is. Quite fetching, I think.

Elmo also got the cable we need to pipe the broadband into the house, and some water pipe to lay it in. And dug out the bit of trench that had been filled in so we could put the cable down there. So that’s sort of like progress, even if some of it really seems like negative progress. I’m sure the trench will get filled in eventually.

I did manage to take cuttings of a couple of flowering currant bushes I’d spotted in spring for being particularly pretty, in two shades of pink, one quite pale and one quite dark. I’m going to plant them in a sort of hedge somewhere if any of them take.

The only other news is that I’ve sourced a timber framer who I’m pretty sure is going to be able to help us put the frame up. She’s a friend of a friend and is currently working with a group of volunteers to erect a cruck frame barn. How utterly perfect! We won’t get to that point for at least another year, but it’s good to have found her, and in the meantime we can maybe do a mini version in the shape of a workshop/shed to replace the seriously ailing marquee.

I may or may not make it up there this week, and hope to be up there at the weekend, so *maybe* I’ll get some more done and be able to write more. No promises.

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