Firewood, Misty Sunshine, Etc.

A beautiful, misty morninged, sunny afternooned weekend at Boggart Hall, with some in the way of getting stuff done and some in the way of just enjoying the place.

Gill and I had built a second “floor” on the woodstore to take the firewood, but it had been a bit damp to be chucking it down the hill since then, so it stayed unpopulated for a while.

the woodstore ready for logs

Meanwhile, rainy weather dictating that we got on with indoor tasks, we got quite a lot of the roof insulated. But not a lot of plasterboard up. So a lot of surface-wiping goes on when I’m cooking.


At least it stays very warm now, the fire warms the place right up and we have to let it go out or it gets about 25C in there. Ok for doing sedentary things, but you can’t move around or do any work, really.

autumnal view of the cabin

It’s feeling really autumnal up there, and on a sunny day like today, it’s just beautiful.

Elmo chopping wood

We did a bit of sawing up the bigger bits of the willow we’re still in the process of taking down. The little bit I did convinced me to invest in a small, electric chainsaw. But the splitting was more fun. That I’ll happily do all day.

Grace chopping wood

And I like to think I look good with an axe.

Grace and Anna by the woodpile

I chucked (literally) the pile of wood from the pallet to the lower level and Anna and I stacked it in the woodstore. It only takes up half, so I will order another pallet of “seasoned” which is never actually very dry and season it another year. We’ll have to take moisture readings now and again and see how dry we can get it by natural drying. My little stove with its clean-burning catalytic chamber doesn’t like much moisture.

Gloves on the woodpile

Anna’s fancy camera is finally pulling its weight; she’s taken some lovely photos while experimenting with what the camera can do. The pink gloves were a gift to me from her. Obviously it’s wonderful that they are bubble-gum pink, but more importantly, they fit me.

the woodpile

The finished woodpile. Very satisfying.


One of the nicest pictures I’ve seen of me in a long time.

dewy spider webs in the tree

This morning was a beautiful, misty morning with the sun breaking through and catching on the lingering droplets.

canal lock

The canal lock on our walk home from the shops.

Grace in the mist

Boggart Hall grounds in the misty sunshine.

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