A Visit From An Old Friend

We’re currently enjoying a visit from Jim Monahan of Highland Eco whose house we (very briefly) helped to build when we were looking at inspirational projects.

RowangarthHere’s a picture of the house, which I truly was inspired by. We visited it about three years ago, before we’d really considered what we wanted to do, house-wise, but we came away from that trip with a very much clearer idea of the kind of space we wanted to live in. Rowangarth (as they call it) is just such a beautiful, light, pleasant, soulful space, so well designed and so lovingly built, and Jim and Saddhavati are such lovely people, we moved several rungs up the ladder of understanding of our own house-building desires.

Although our meeting with them was very brief, we kept in touch and it’s been fantastic picking Jim’s brains about various things to do with building. I’ve come away from our conversations feeling a little like I now know *how much* I don’t know, but on the plus side, I’m ready to go and do some learning and I know which directions I need to look in.

Jim and Saddhavati are planning a reunion party for the helpers on their project, possibly next summer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the place again, it really has so many of the elements that we want for our place. I’m also inspired to go back out looking for other self-builders to go and help and talk to, because you can never get too much exposure to what other people are doing.

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