We ordered some firewood, which got delivered while I was up there on my own, and they couldn’t get the truck in as far as the driveway, so I had to have it delivered to Jane’s driveway, about 100 meters away from where I wanted it.

The firewood as deliveredThe bag was about as tall as me. I pulled the car round, flattened the back seats and threw as much as I could in, driving it up and stacking it on a pallet at the top of our drive and then going back for more. I did it in three trips.

The firewood being stackedMy stacking skills are not as sharp as they ought to be, so I had one small collapse, but I managed to fit it all on there not more than a meter high, and hopefully stable enough not to fall down.

the stack finishedI put the remainder down near the house, as much as would fit. I chucked it down the stone steps from the car, and from there, piled it into the little trolley Lea donated, which was a lot more efficient than carrying it in armloads. I have no idea what to expect from the winter, but I hope this will see us through. First time doing this, so I really have no clue.

Tarped firewood pileAt the end of my stay I tarped it and put straps round it to keep it steady, and with no particular wind forecast, I hope it will be fine til I can make it up there again to deal with it properly, though I don’t think that will be this week, as I’ve got a wedding cake to make…

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