Anne’s Pictures

Anne was up a few days back and took some really lovely pictures which she was kind enough to send me, so I thought I’d share them.

The door of the bottom shed

This unusable door leads into the bottom shed. It’s never been openable since we bought the place, but one day I’ll replace it, when we re-roof the sheds and start using them properly. It’ll be a bit of a shame, actually, I like nothing more than a crumbling old door sometimes.

the "secret garden" door

This archway is what we call the Secret Garden Door because when we first came up here, it was almost entirely curtained with ivy, and the structures beyond it had to be carefully discerned from the overgrowth. It’s still pretty charming, though unfortunately there do seem to be bags of rubbish around the place.

the pattern of the hammock

This was while the hammock was still in place on the pegs. It did make a beautiful pattern.

pots in the rain

These are all that remain of what must have been hundreds of similar pots. The rest are now in small pieces, encouraging drainage in various places.

hanging lantern

The lanterns still hang along the front edge of the porch, though it’s a bit cold these days for entertaining outdoors after dark.

the gorgon

The gorgon planter that hung on the front wall of Cherry Tree Cottage has taken up residence on the shelf of the slanting wall near the cabin. She looks rather well there, actually.

sunlight through ivy leavesThe ivy at the top of the wall catching the sun. It’s all gone now, thanks to Ryan.

I’m off up there again tomorrow, hoping to get a lot of insulation up so that we can be warm and cozy as the weather goes colder again.

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