Actual Work

Just for show, we did some actual work, digging the trench to get a permanent electricity supply to the cabin. It’s going to be a bit of a slog, but it only has to be done once!

Hazel and Bob digging a trench

Hazel brought her dad, Bob, who was a great worker, keen and knowledgeable. I do love having new people come along. I meet so many interesting people doing this.

The Happy Couple

Elmo and I took a moment out of tidying up the lawn to have a posey-picture taken, but it came out really nice. My mum will love it. (Hi Ma!)

She’s been sending me blog-style emails with pictures of her cabin in Eden Mills, Vermont. Much more remote than mine, and she’s got 11 acres to my not-quite-one, but there are a remarkable number of similarities to our projects.


A hastily thrown together baked potato and tasty slop (thanks for that meal name, Nicola) dinner, with the last of the salad thrown on for garnish. I like being a good enough cook that I can make something tasty out of whatever’s left in the fridge.


We cleaned the place up pretty thoroughly, which felt really good. Anna’s parents came for a visit, during which I totally failed to take any pictures, though perhaps they’ll send me one that they took. They were delightful and it was great to share it with them and thank them in person for the miracle that is Anna.

FlowersIn an effort to make the place look more like a home and less like a building site, I went down to the market and bought some random plants and stuck them in pots. I really am a make-it-up gardener, but stuff looks so nice when it’s freshly planted and hasn’t yet had time to go all yellow and leggy. Maybe I’ll learn to be a proper gardener in the next few years.

Lea’s coming tomorrow, so there’s every chance I’ll get a whole swathe of ground cleared and ready for planting, the way she cuts through undergrowth.

I also hope to power through a bunch more of the interior stuff. It’s high time we finished this building, really.

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