We’re Back!

After a fairly gruelling couple of weeks of “relaxation” in various guises, including preparing for and running Elmo’s 50th birthday party (a roaring success) and moving the last of our stuff out of our old house, which is now rented, bringing in some *much* needed income, and a long weekend at Kinnersley French dancing festival, which was medium-relaxing, but also full of (reasonably pleasant) responsibilities… we’re back and we’re ready to get to work again. After a day of brain-death style refusal to do anything useful at all. That’s today. Proper tongue-lolling day.

But, we emptied our old house by throwing everything into the shipping container we have in a nearby field, so that’s got to be sorted out, and we have no place to put it until we’ve got the middle shed roof shored up, de-ivy-ed and tarped, so I guess we’ll be getting on with that this weekend. In case you happen to be free!

Also, many many thanks to Simon (for masterminding it) and to everyone who contributed to Elmo’s birthday fund to buy materials to finish the cabin. We were gobsmacked by everyone’s generosity and the total collected is more than enough to buy all the necessary materials, so we very much hope the contributors will come sometime this summer to help us do the actual work. The signed bit of plasterboard will have a special place above the woodstove. More details and pictures of the materials we buy and the work we do with them will be forthcoming!

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