Celebrating One Whole Year

As of 13 May we will have owned this delightful bit of ground for one year. We’re planning to celebrate with a relaxing (non-working) weekend and hoping to show a few people around who haven’t made it yet, as well as welcome all the volunteers who’ve helped to make it the amazing place it already is.

I’m flabbergasted, looking back at what we’ve done in a year, that we’re as far along as we are, particularly in light of some of the setbacks and delays we faced last summer.

It all gives me a tremendous well of hope for the coming year. I would raise a glass to the oncoming summer if I wasn’t about to get in the van and drive to Womersley’s to pick up some more lime render…

Anyway, please come and join us the weekend of 11-13 May for a celebration of the year’s progress and a sausage or two over the fire. More info about camping, general arrangements, directions, etc available on request, see contact page above.

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