Floor Tiles

E-bay is a wonderful thing. I got nearly enough floor tiles to do the whole building, of very high quality, for £40 and a drive to Rochdale. I’ve laid all the brown ones, as you can see below, and I’ve been convinced to put in the kitchen before tiling the rest with the beige version of the same.

tiled floorI guess my initial vision for the place had me building all the internal furniture myself, and therefore wanting the floor to be tiled in full so that I could stand free-standing (or lightly anchored) bits wherever I wanted and have stuff stored on the floor underneath. But a) we’ve got this ex-fitted kitchen with perfectly nice oak doors that is sort of designed not to go on top of tiles, and b) this will mean I can tile nearly all of the place, minus a bit at the entryway where I want to do a mosaic anyway, with what I’ve got.

In other news, I’ve also finished the base coat of clay on the interior, which I now need to allow to dry fully before I put the top coat on. A lot of it is dry already, since it’s taken me so long to do it, so I can be working on it in bits, starting at the bed end so that I can paint it and put a bed in (anyone know anyone wanting rid of a serviceable double mattress?) and start sleeping in there.

I also bought the first two coats’ worth of lime render for the exterior today, which I will pick up (the first of about four loads of) on Tuesday next week, and I am really looking forward to getting started on that. It’s been so nice to take down the tarp and the scaffolding and reveal the building in all its beauteous glory. Now I want to get it looking properly tidy and finished and have an enormous cabin-warming party.

And get started building the hot tub…

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