Ta Daaaa!!

Finished roof

A roof! And a very big tarp ridgepole… not too sure how to get rid of it, but reckon if one person held up each end while another unscrewed and removed the middle bits, we could dismantle it from the top down. At any rate, if we managed to build and erect the thing with no more than three people at any given time, I’m sure we can manage to take it down somehow.

I’ll need to anyway, because I need the wood for my ceiling, which is the next job after (or during) claying out the interior and tiling the floor (got some really nice tiles off ebay for an absolute bargain price.)

Hoping the weather is alright for the upcoming bank holiday weekend, and that there are enough bored people wanting to get a bit dirty and very well fed who’ll come and help me get the place looking even better.

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